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Whether you like smooth, rolling single track or steep, technical terrain, The Okanagan has the variety to keep you entertained. For more information on the terrain, read the descriptions below of the trail systems in South, Central and North Okanagan and let's plan a memorable ride for you and your friends!



Three Blind Mice
Campbell Mountain
Cartwright Mountain
Conkle Mountain

Three Blind Mice area overlooks Okanagan Lake to the west. There are many trails within this area so it is fairly easy to get lost and turned around. The landscape in this trail system is composed of beautiful ponderosa pine, rock bluffs, grasslands at lower elevations and wild flowers and larch trees at the highest elevation. Trails range from beginner to expert, with fast and flowing sections, creek crossings, shale beds, slabs, rock drops, and plenty of technical features. This is truly an incredibly intricate but beautiful trail system!


Campbell Mountain is a fairly small network of short trails for all skill levels with trails ranging from XC to DH. Signage is minimal but the Canyon views are spectacular! April to June the hillside is covered with beautiful and yellow Balsamroot Flowers!


Wiltse trail system is fairly small but it delivers on the adventure and the views. There is one major climb consisting of dirt and rocky switchbacks with some exposure. The descents are mostly rock or slabs. The majority of the known trails take part in the north west quadrant and some that head east, but yet to be mapped.


Cartwright Mountain trails are in Summerland and home to the Test of Humanity charity race. The lower trails are fun, flowing and bermed, with lots of pumpable rollers sections. The climbs are short but offer beautiful 360-degree views over the town and lake.


Conkle Mountain trails run along the northern flank of Mount Conkle in Summerland. The main climb is an old-school single-track from the west side of mountain consisting of switchbacks and some exposure near the top. The 360-degree you views from the top ridge are spectacular! The descents aren't technically difficult, but they can get more challenging in the summer months when they are dry and loose.




Smith Creek
Rose Valley Regional Park

Smith Creek trails are located in West Kelowna and it offers a bit of everything: old school xc single-track, a smooth and gradual climb with some tight technical turns towards the top of the summit, and a variety of options for descending. You can choose to take descents with wooden features, gap jump lines or the fast flowing, bermed downhill. This is a beginner friendly system but watch the dry and loose dirt in the summer months as it tends to add a layer of difficulty. 


Rose Valley Regional Park has an extensive trail network suitable for the moderately fit mountain biker. The climbs can be long and steep in some sections but the views at the top of Rose Valley Reservoir and Okanagan Lake are quite spectacular. The area is also excellent for linking in different loops around the reservoir. The terrain and descents range between grassland plateaus, dirt, rock rolls, shale and volcanic rock. This system is quite the gem on the West side of Kelowna.


Crawford Trails in the Myra Bellevue Provincial Park has one of the largest networks of single track trails in the Kelowna area. Lower trails are suitable for beginners and intermediate riders and the higher up into the hillside the more varied and challenging the trails become. Terrain ranges from flowing double and single track through grasslands, to rock slabs, rock rolls, drops and plenty of steep sections. This trail system has endless potential for loops and different variations!

Gillard Trails began its development during the dawn of free-ride mountain biking of the late 90's. The trails are shuttle access via Gillard Forest Service Road and require an enduro/freeride/DH bike or for those that like climbing, it can be accessed via Crawford trails and KVR trestles! Hard climb but stunning views! The Gillard descents are focused on the intermediate to expert rider and there’s a bit of everything: fast single track, wooded stunts, dirt gaps, skinnies, rock gardens, rock rolls, slabs and drops.



Ellison Provincial Park
Predator Ridge
Kalamalka Lake

Ellison Provincial Park is known for smooth, flowing single track and perfect for beginners and intermediate riders. The climbs are mellow and forested and descents are fun, smooth and not overly technical.

Predator Ridge has a gradual, forested climb and fast flowing descents, smooth rock slabs, snappy berms, punchy climbs and excellent views. The more difficult slabs do have an easy way around, and a variety of fun flowing, bermed corners lower down. Small area but some great sections and a great place for someone wishing to advance their skill on more challenging lines.

Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park trails take you through North Okanagan's desert grasslands, wetlands, forests filled with ponderosa pine, douglas-fir trees. This network boasts 70km of single track with smooth, gradual xc style climbs, to more challenging rocky, slabby and rooty sections in the higher elevations. There are a variety of descents you can chose from: steep, roots, loamy with rock rolls or smoother, burmed and pumpable rollers. Whatever you're looking to ride, Kal Park has it!

OK Valley Trail Regions: Schedule
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