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What a thrill it is to be able to partner with one of our favourite sponsors. The champs at F2C Nutrition feel just as passionately about playing in the great Okanagan Valley as I do, and we’ve been able to accomplish so much together in collaboration. The F2C Nutrition product line not only tastes great but uses all natural, ground breaking ingredients that have the science to back them up. Check out their website for full description of their products and use OBS20 at checkout for 20% off.


Pro Motion is a modern, innovative clinic passionate about enhancing movement and engaging experiences. Simply put, they know how to bring out the best in you. Dr. Lars and his team believe inspiring you to play an active role in your own health is pivotal, trust is vital and communication is key. They’ll guide you through the process, applying a structured approach and thorough assessment, to ensure you end up right where you want to be. As athletes, they know your injuries. They’ve been there (and back again). That's why the Pro Motion crew is so committed to taking the best care of you. The bottom line? They want to keep you doing what you love too.


Having proper gear is essential when adventuring by bike! Shaka packs makes custom bike bags for all your bike packing needs: gravel, road, commuter and mountain bikers welcome. Their mission is to create each product using only the finest materials available, carefully designed, thoroughly tested & built to last. Check out their website and give them some love!


Who says you can't look cute and be a badass shredder at the same time? These are not mutually exclusive! Ashley Hardy a dear friend and the founder of RedDesert Leather, is not only super creative, an amazing mountain biker, but also a good human being! She makes the best cycling inspired earrings. Check out her store and ride in style!

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We are the Okanagan’s #1 premier e-bike rental service! Our e-bikes give you the freedom to see it all. Fun adventures and incredible vistas are all at your fingertips with our award-winning e-bikes; each e-bike comes fully equipped with an e-bike grade helmet, lights, lock, waterproof bike bags, and phone holder. Easily book online and find out why touring the Okanagan by e-bike is the BEST way to spend your day!

Jump Into Frame

I have been mountain biking for 14 years, and love capturing the passion people have for the sport. Showing friends and family candid shots from your phone, which are often out of focus, blurry or bad angles never really has the desired effect of your amazing mountain bike adventures. Through combining my passions for photography and mountain biking, I have created this business to showcase those rad moments on the trails. My ability to read the lines and find the best possible angles ensures we capture breath taking images you will want to frame.

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