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I did it, Okanagan!

The last 5 years my close friends have suggested that I start my own mountain bike, Nordic Ski coaching and guiding business and get an actual website! Maybe they're tired of me constantly talking about how cool it would be if someone established a women's mountain biking scene in all of Okanagan like there is in other mountain biking mecca's of the world.

Well, the time has come and here I am, I now have a website for all the packages and services I provide but also a long term goal to build a bigger community where we can all connect, inspire and get outside and explore our playground!

It's exciting and terrifying to take such a leap, go public and put it all out there! My number one driver is that I am so incredibly PASSIONATE about getting more women into mountain biking and on skis and now I have a place where people can connect with me aside from word of mouth!

So where do we go from here?

If you are interested in learning how to mountain bike or cross country ski and have been nervous and hesitant about how to get started, let's chat!

If you know someone that is keen to try but so intimidated and doesn't want to get hurt, and more importantly have fun, share this link with them!

Or, if you're a spouse and your partner has been talking about getting into these sports but not sure where to start, gift them a clinic. Or, take one together!

Perhaps, you want to explore Okanagan's amazing trails but don't want to stop at every trail sign to check Trail Forks, I will happily guide you and plan a memorable day for you and your buddies.

Enough shameless self-promotion, let's chat and get you out on some sweet Okanagan trails!



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